Type 2 Diabetes Research



at the International conferences:

Bowes A, Begley J, Heart T & Kerr D “The sustained reversal of type 2 diabetes by intensive lifestyle intervention at diagnosis”. 6th World Congress of Prevention of Diabetes and its Complications, Dresden, Germany, Apr 2010.

Bowes A, Begley J Heart T, Painter H, & Kerr D “Effect of Intensive Lifestyle Intervention on Glucagon Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) Levels in Patients with New Onset Type 2 Diabetes.” 69th American Diabetes Association conference, New Orleans, USA, Jun 2009.

Key finding: This study showed that 2/3 of the patients with new onset Type 2 Diabetes who took part in the GLP4Health Lifestyle Programme, reverted to normal blood glucose tolerance or pre-diabetes state.

This study recruited 22 people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes who took part in the Lifestyle change programme “GLP4Health”. 16 months later the patients underwent the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (diagnostic test for the Type 2 Diabetes), which confirmed that two thirds of the people who took part in this study, showed blood glucose levels below the WHO 1999 criteria for the diagnosis of diabetes. All except of one patient remained off the diabetes medications. The improvement in blood glucose levels were directly related to the magnitude of the weight loss achieved.